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Crypto and simple eCommerce

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    Hi there,
    we are looking for a cryptocurrency we can use in our eCommerce solutions, for example to provide buyers with incentives for future purchases.
    Right now the biggest stumbling block I see however is the complexity involved in transferring funds and making funds available to people who do not yet have a wallet.
    Is there a way to possibly make this more user-friendly?
    I’d love to get some information on this / discuss options with developers.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Must say, not a technical hard question, e.g. Android Wallet and multiple OS builds, however all facilities are still in development for FTC, needs support to develop an iphone app. These are apps written around or developed from open source apps using the FTC protocol and base apps, which are developed on the forum.

    Some apps like Neoscrypt p2pool and Feathercoin Explorer (s) are developed by FTC “staff”, to ensure basic facility, however you are free to fork and develop your own versions

    There other possible answers , paper wallets, pre-loaded wallet.dats … etc. Or it could be a process in which you develop, i.e. online wallet.dat addresses for each customer, as exchanges use currently …

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    The Feathercoin core software provides the functionality you require.

    Usually each service provider will write their own code that interacts with / sits on top of the Feathercoin daemon or uses the correct “logic” to do things like generate valid Feathercoin addresses etc.

    example I run a block explorer that has txsend functionality so you can send transactions across the network. People can use that to write a very easy webwallet if they chose to.


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    Hi there and thanks for the replies.
    So I can use this functionality to automatically set up a wallet for someone who doesn’t have one, so I can send them funds?
    And extracting funds can be made pretty much as easy as a single click pay now kind of action?

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    For the mass market I think creating a wallet is at least for any Android based phones and talblets a st of 2 - 3 clicks, as we have an wallet app available. It’s named ‘feathercoin-wallet-2’.

    IOS still is a problem.

    So, if people want to use the coins you sent just like Paypal points, the infrastructure is there for a lot of people already.
    If you expect people also trying to withdraw coins/exchange to FIAT, it requires a bit more action form the users, as you need to follow a process to finally get the FIAT and this process is also dependent a bit on the country the user lives.