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Process from Paper Wallet to Bank Account?

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    Hi there

    Need Help.

    How to transfer from old paper wallet (before cash and gold) to Bank Transfer / Cash.

    The way I gather it this:

    Step 1. Blockchain.info : Create wallet, put your key in, transfer your wallet, transfer BTC and BCH.

    Step 2: Then go to coinomi, swipe the old paper wallet and get gold from there to coinomi wallet.

    Just needed to confirm that the gold will still be in the old private key? even after transferring the wallet to blockchain, or step 2 should be done first?

    Step 3. Go to localbitcoins open account and start selling there, and transfer how much you need from blockchain wallet to localbitcoin wallet.

    Q: Arent there any exchange there where you can upload your private key or sell bitcoin and transfer to £ and get the money transferred directly to your account? Do you have to sell to other people?


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    Not sure if its appropriate, if not please delete,

    REWARD of 50 FTC, for the best step to step guide and explanation.


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    @vigospqr said in Process from Paper Wallet to Bank Account?:

    Not sure if its appropriate, if not please delete,

    No problem posting here in Off Topic. It is Bitcoin fork related

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    Been Reading about it, I think this is the better way.

    Step 1: Lot of fishing sites there, make sure to download from a legitimate source. https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet, Elecrtum I believe is the most trusted one, download, keep safe phrases / passwords.

    Step2. Repeat step 1 in another PC. Create another wallet

    Step 3. In Step 1 PC, Go to Wallet, Private Key – Sweep, you should get the BTC.

    Step 4. Send it to Step 2 PC.

    Step 5. Go to https://www.bitcoincash.org/#wallets, Download Electron Cash, very similar to Electrum, Sweep the private key from the paper wallet.

    Step 6. Download Electron Cash in the other PC and transfer Bitcoin cash to that wallet.

    Step 7. Download https://bitcoingold.org/ Coinomi, Android Wallet on your phone, Set up, choose BTG and sweep the paper wallet key again. Keep this for shopping lol

    Step 8. Setup account at Local bitcoins, get verified and start selling and buy 1080ti eventually.

    Could someone please see if these are okay steps, You cant lose Bitcoin cash by doing this right?

    @j0k3rhd what do you think of this?

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