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Mining Rig Help

  • | Tip j0k3rhd

    Hi All,

    Well, im totally out of the loop with mining, when I was mining it was all about AMD and Nvidia was never mentioned.

    So im thinking about making a Mini ITX PC, I have a case floating around, and thinking about buying a mini ITX mobo bundle,

    My question is I don’t have mega money to go out and buy loads of GPU’s or even a 1080GTX,

    But I just want something I can kind of leave on and maybe get ok rates with a some FTC coming in.

    If you think its pointless, unless I have mega money then let me know.

    On another Note, i currently rock an Acer Revo Mini ITX, Celeron thing with 8Gb ram, which is currently burstcoin mining 9TB, and Storj Farming 1Tb, and I wondered if I could buy a PSU, and external PCI Express Adapter I see floating around

    Can I get a card for £100-200? that would at least mine?

  • | Tip j0k3rhd

    Im surprised how little activity we are getting on the forums. 🙂

    We need more members 😛

  • | Tip ChekaZ

    What should we suggest you with 100-200pound to invest? I would suggest you to invest into FTC directly, you wont get a decent hardware with that amount of investment.

    Kindly regards,

  • | Tip Tobi97l

    I own a gtx 1080 and i am mining some feathercoins with it right now. But only because i bought it for gaming not for mining. I wanted to invest into feathercoin now too and figured that it wouldn’t be worth it to invest into a mining rig because i don’t want to spend too much money right now. So i just bought the feathercoins directly and already doubled my investment.

    And considering the difficutly is raising quickly right now i think it was the better decision to buy the feathercoins directly. Also electricity is pretty expensive where i live.

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