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Getting feathercoin to the masses

  • Regular Member

    It is said a big reason many know about cryptocurrency is due to YouTuber’s and network marketers. If you believe that to be true, are their any future projects involving feather coin and legitimate affiliate or network marketing programs? If so, I would love to be involved. I also have further suggestions on the issue. A great example is usi-tech who is breaking all time records with their number 1 product of $60 bitcoin packages. Imagine $60 feathercoin packages. I would trade my 100 bitcoin packages anyday for a 100 feathercoin packages. A platform such as usi-tech would help feathercoin reach $5 very quickly.

  • Regular Member

    Go for it. Youtube is one of the most effective ways of enabling adoption in my humble opinion.

    Vids on mining buying and trading as well as highlighting dev and use ideas is what we need.

  • Regular Member

    What do you mean by $60 bitcoin packages? What is he doing?


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