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Crypto currency on Linux podcast decentralised platforms

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    Bitcoin and Dash are mentioned on the Linux Unpluged podcast. In particular use of masternodes to running a decentralized service like Patreon.

    This could solve some of the problems controlling bounties in open source projects.

    Starts 47:42 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ect_rjC-tDM

    Like the Masternodes in Dash, I noted IOTA is using a wallet only validation method to replace POW - in which each transaction is accepted by validating 2 previous transactions.

    This could solve a problem FTC has with ACP, as a replacement for ACP, FTC could use IOTA validate but for one previous transaction. This reduces the energy usage in the wallet by IOTA, this could be further reduced by skipping the “wallet / additional / ACP confirmations” once they hit, say 50 (as we will still have PoW confirmations continuing down the chain).