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New Member, who dis?

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    Hey FTC’rs!

    Mandatory newb post incoming…

    I’ve been floating around in the FTC space for a while, first coins received 11/03/2014! Interestingly, I had no knowledge back then, just tinkering as an IT Sysadmin. In the years that followed, I retrained into programming. I’m at a point where I feel like I am now able to start helping out (… looking at you iOS wallet 😉 ) and as such am starting the journey into understanding the blockchain technology. I’m currently getting into Satoshi’s whitepaper on bitcoin, next up - the NeoScrypt whitepaper! Looking forward to it!

    For those wondering - I’ve spent a few years working in Python, with Golang being my primary language for the past year. 👌

    Personally, I love the ideals of Feathercoin being a coin from the community, for the community with ASIC-Resistance a major part of keeping it, in my opinion, “The People’s Coin”.

    Turns out I’ve been signed up to the forum for 3 years - but never posted… heh…

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    Hi there, thanks for the post and welcome …

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    hello and welcome 🙂

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    Welcome to the forum.

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