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Bittrex shenanigans. Paranoid mode: Activated

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    Gents, i just got into paranoid mode and taking everything out of Bittrex. Also making some tinfoil hats :p

    Check the latest news and bitcointalk threads, it doesn’t seem reassuring.
    Could be some kyc, or even usa gov interference, but even the slightest perception of the gox, cryptsy etc vibes, makes me feel uneasy.

    Any opinions on this?

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    I tried briefly tried looking for what you were talking about and am not sure I found it.

    Their not accepting new accounts, while strange seems anti-worrying as if they were going full-pyramid it seems they’d want as many new accounts as possible.

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    I guess you mean this:


    Big if true!

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    Currently i have around 400FTC in Bittrex too. When i first used bitrex i didn’t noticed that you need to be verified to withdraw anything. And after trying the automatic verification it failed even though my submitted photos were perfectly clear. Now i have to wait for a manual verification. It’s already over a week and i only get automatic responses from their support.

    Basically they can’t handle the amount of people that are joining bittrex right now and you are stuck in a long queue which could take months. And they don’t even allow you to try the automatic verification again with better pictures. They force you to wait if it fails.

    I don’t really think that bittrex is a secure platform considering they can’t even handle a situation where they have more users than normally properly. We definitely need FTC on other exchanges too.

    And i just have to hope now that they get this fixed soon so that i can get my FTC back.

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    How about https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/ is this an alternative? As far as I know they have FTC/BTC as well. I have an account at Bittrex as well, but it’s empty. I have my (few) coins in several wallets and plan to hold on to them for the next time. But if I ever want to cash in, I should be prepared. If Bittrex is not the best idea, maybe I’ll give cryptopia a try…

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    Feathercoin comes out as a gold rated coin on Cryptopia.

    If you want to try Cryptopia use the referral : https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=FTCHodler

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    I was able to send BTC to Bittrex on sunday, and buy 30FTC, along with burst, and send it to my wallet within 10 minutes no issues.

    I will have to keep an eye on it 🙂 thanks for heads up

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    I just got an email from bittrex:

    "Hi (…),

    We detected that you were previously experiencing an issue with your verification. We are happy to inform you that your account will be enhanced verified within the next 24 hours.

    If your request requires additional assistance, please reply to this message and your ticket will remain open.

    If you have reused your identification documents on multiple accounts, please be aware that there is currently a wait time of a month or more for this type of request.

    Best Regards,

    Brian @ Bittrex
    Follow us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/BittrexExchange

    We will see if this is true because it still sounds like an automatically generated message.

    I don’t know i never used cryptopia and i heard from problems with them too. They didn’t updated their wallets i think. But considering there aren’t that many alternatives i think if you are verified you can use both exchanges at the moment. But i would never store all of my coins online anyway except when i want to trade them. Just look at what happenend with nicehash. This could happen to bittrex or any other website too. I rather store them locally.

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    @tobi97l said in Bittrex shenanigans. Paranoid mode: Activated:

    I don’t know i never used cryptopia and i heard from problems with them too. They didn’t updated their wallets i think.

    Cryptopia have expanded there staff recently, which should improve their wallet management. When they had problems with the FTC wallet I offered to go through all their coins and check if they were due to release mandatory updates.

    Unfortunately they did not take up my offer and have suffered another wallet issue with smartx which is getting them de-listed.

    I was impressed how the cryptopia staff handled the problem with the FTC wallet and I assume some staff will be getting a lot of experience with issues not updating wallets or communicating with coins on the exchange they will take a more pro active approach.

    So I’d still recommend Cryptopia, especially as they do some old coins like Phoenixcoin, Megacoin they also do Catcoin which a FTC related dev.

    To try Cryptopia use the referral : https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=FTCHodler

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    Damn! saw this link too late… I already registered. Is there anything I can do, so you still have something from it?

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    Users reading this should wise up.

    Please remember:

    • The Bitcoin7 hack in 2011
    • Linode Hacks (Tradehill, Bitcoinica, Bitcoin.cx)
    • Bitcoinica - Rackspace hack
    • Bitcoins savings and trust scam
    • the Bitfloor hack in ~2012
    • mintpal
    • mtGox
    • Cryptsy

    There are probably more that I cant remember.

    The moral of my story is… DONT! Store your coins with someone else, an exchange or 3rd party… it’s like giving someone a wad of cash and saying “here, keep this for me” - it’s down right retarded.

    Always control your private keys… otherwise you do not own or control your coins. Simple.

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    My account is now verfified. It took around two weeks now. So if you plan on using bitrex you should definitly wait until your verification is done. Otherwise your coins are stuck for a while.