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Feathercoins for mechanical wristwatches

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    I’ve not been around for a bit, but Feathercoin has been good to me this year and for the last 2 years I have been taking night classes doing something I have wanted to do for years and that is learning to be a watch maker. (My grandfather, great grandfather and I believe my great great grandfather were all watchmakers).
    (Yes I get the irony of being involve in Crypto whilst learning a dying and possibly obsolete trade)

    Just wondering if there would be any interest in people here in buying restored and serviced vintage and classic wrist watches with Feathercoin. I’m not talking Omega’s and Rolexes I’m talking Seikos, Bulovas and any one of the many Swiss brands from the 1940s to the 1990s.

    What I would sell the watches for is my cost to buy and restore plus a small overhead, well less than what you would pay to have the watch serviced on a high street.
    My motivation is more practice for me and something back to others that support Feathercoin and to promote the use of FTC for commerce.

    If there is an interest I will start a blog showing the restoration of the watches so people can see what I would sell and go from there.

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    Cool plan and not really off topic, so I’ve moved it to the main Feathercoin thread.

    I bought a gold plated swiss movement automatic mechanical watch (like my grand dad had) last year. It’s been fun wearing it.

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    Yes FTC has paid for a number of my tools, so it only seems fair to give something back.

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    @tmuir12 said in Feathercoins for mechanical wristwatches:

    dying and possibly obsolete trade

    Wrist watches and cuff links are the only jewelry that are acceptable for a man to wear. As long as Western Civilization lasts there will always be demand for them. Note: Western Civilization ended in 1973 at the latest. I’m in a bad mood.

    If there is an interest I will start a blog showing the restoration of the watches so people can see what I would sell and go from there.

    I think that would be a really cool blog.

    I really like the idea, and wish you luck!

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Thanks, I will document the Seiko 5 I’m about to restore after Christmas when the new glass for it arrives, but that one may not go up for sale, but onto my wrist instead.

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    Great Project! I don’t wear wrist watches anymore. They bother me and feel wrong on my wrist. Which is sad, I have some nice watches I’d like to wear…

    I am a mechanical engineer and love this. I have a skeletton pocket watch which you have to wind up by hand. I love this thing!
    Let me know if you have an engeneering question which you can’t answere yourself. I will be more than happy to help

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    I would absolutely LOVE a Seiko Kinetic…I loved those watches when I was younger, but never had any money…you have any available?