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Advise for solo mining.

  • | Tip crazyearner

    Can anyone here give me the best stable settings for solo mining with multi gpus

    also waht ports are best to setup and mine on. Everything else am good with setting up. Just ports and settings needed for solo mining on FTC needed thx

  • Regular Member | Tip d2

    As mentioned many times before, the difficulty is already up to a level that makes solo mining no longer worth the time spent. BEst advice would be to join a normal mining pool, or p2pool.

    As far as specific settings for your mining hardware, it would depend on your GPUs and mining software. cgminer is one of the most popular along with reaper. (I recommend cgminer)

    Ports would depend on the pool server you are connecting to.

  • | Tip crazyearner

    I have enough gpus to solo with even taking half a day with current clutter with gpus.

    –scrypt --fix-protocol --thread-concurrency blab bla bla for each gpu --shaders bla bla bla for each gpu -I bla for each lol -w 256 -g 1 --lookup-gap 2 -s 10 --expiry 1 --queue 0

    anything else to add to them settings ?

    and conf file


    and has ips and username and pass in

  • Regular Member | Tip d2

    –gpu-threads 1 --auto-fan --temp-target XXX

    I would recommend not specifying thread-concurrency and only specifying shaders.