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How to restore FTC Wallet

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    I had my wallet on drive D.

    Windows 10 on Drive C crashed and I had to reinstall.

    The wallet on drive D is still there but now empty. I fully synced the wallet but my coins are gone.

    What confuses me, that the wallet.dat on drive C in the wallet folder has a date from before the crash.

    What can I do?

    Edit: I checked %appdata% but there is no Feathercoin folder and no wallet.dat.

  • Did you made a backup of your wallet.dat before you made the reinstallation? Because normally your wallet.dat is on your C drive which would mean the coins are gone. Do you have a different adress on you new wallet now?

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    @orgi34 said in How to restore FTC Wallet:


    I hate windows for this, but it looks like you were really on C: and when wndblows crashed you lost the contents of %appdata%.

    Otherwise, check your new wallet is synced, look to check where it is installed. Copy in the wallet.dat from your D : drive, and cross fingers no coins is due to it not syncing yet …

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    Well C: is gone. Did not make a backup because Windows crashed and I thought my wallet safe on drive D. Wallet is synced.

    That really sucks.

    Why the hell is there a wallet.dat in the Feathercoin Folder on drive D?

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    @orgi34 - It is very difficult to diagnose such issues by “Radar”, if one was at the PC I would look at dates an creation times and search around for what might have happened. If you created it on D : and saw it before it should still be there.

    If the coins are not there check again where the wallet.dat is and copy in the one from your D : drive.

    If you created it on the D : drive check the blank one is not in the root directory, or in a subdirectory of the feathercoin folder (i.e. accidently created the new one somewhere else.)

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    Where exactly is the wallet.dat supposed to be located?

    Reinstalled the wallet now in a different directory on D but there is no folder under %appdata%.

    Where does the wallet save the wallet.dat?

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    It is impossible to answer that question without access to you computer.

    From what you say the explanation is

    1. You “really” installed on C : not D : - you lost the wallet.dat of C: when it crashed.

    What you might try? try to recover the C : drive with photorec / testdisk

    otherwise Your original wallet.dat of 😨 (what is the size? what is the date? have you viewed the file contents?) could be copied back to the D : install folder or if you installed to the same directory the coins would appear after a sync.

    Do you know anyone who is good at computers?


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