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P2pool Warning Question

  • Regular Member

    My site now shows this in red.

    “Warning: (from bitcoind) EXCEPTION: St12out_of_range CInv::GetCommand() : type=1073741826 unknown type feathercoin in ProcessMessages()”

    What does this mean?

  • My pool has the same error message now and i checked a few others too. All have the same message. It’s not just your pool.

  • Moderators

    All p2pools will get the message sooner or later.
    It is comming from the feathercoind on the pool node and it seems, that the warning message never is deleted by p2pool.
    I fixed this message on my pool the following way:

    • stop the pool
    • delete the full feathercoin directory under the data directory
    • start the pool and force it to connect one other pool, as it has no peer in the peer list.

    Unfortunatelly the miner stats get lost during that process. My pool didn’t have miners besides my own miner when I did it…

  • Regular Member

    @wellenreiter ,

    Tried it and it did not work for me.

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