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Wallet stopped working

  • The wallet for one of my miners stopped working last night. I’m not sure what happened. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, etc with no luck…

    The error I get is “Connect a new block to chainActive, Failed to read block.”

    What is this all about?

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    @jimmy24651 said in Wallet stopped working:

    Failed to read block

    This is the c-code causing the message:

     if (!ReadBlockFromDisk(block, pindexDelete))
        return AbortNode(state, "Failed to read block");

    The pindexDelete is just an example. there are for different pindexes called to perform the checks, before adding a block to the block chain, so there are four lines the create the Message.
    It seems a block can’t be read from Disk.
    Is your filesystem full?

  • @wellenreiter


    i dont know what happened. when i got home this morning, my solo operation had stopped running. i restarted ccminer, and it wouldnt work. when i restarted the wallet, thats when i got this error. im not sure what the deal was. im in the process of reinstalling the wallet fresh now.