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Feathercoin Hard Fork?

  • | Tip Vigospqr

    As Bitcoin has many forks Cash / Gold / Diamond Etc.

    Will it be beneficial to the feathercoin community or FTC itself in anyway if a team decides to a hard fork? and create another coin?

    Not sure if its even possible or financially viable for anyone, are there any advantages?

    or is it damaging and derogatory to the community?

  • Regular Member | Tip Davereplicant

    Would it not be an idea to get this one widely adopted first?

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Once again FTC was one of the first to have a separate hard fork (Feathercoin Classic) try to continue with scrypt when we converted to Neoscrypt. It was a bit / lot of a scam and never got pushed forward.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    My personal opinion:

    A hard fork may be required for technical reasons, like the move from the Scrypt to the Neoascrypt algorithm as @Wrapper mentioned above.

    In that case the dev team set the fork time to a block number several month in the future and will announce the new version as mandatory update and clearly announce, that the new version will be incompatible with the old one and everybody will have to change to the new version. The block number, where the technical change will click in will be announced at the same time.
    Users then have the time to update their wallets.
    If users refuse to update their wallet as wrapper mentioned above, there will be a hard fork, but typically the ‘old’ version of the wallet and the corresponding block chain dies within some weeks.

    A hard fork to create a new coin is useless in my opinion. It doesn’t help the original coin and it would be more efficient and easier to maintain for the forking developers, if they create a new genesis block for their ‘forked’ chain and start from scratch.
    I’m totally against this type of hard fork, even if we technically can’t hinder people doing it, as the software is public domain, and I also believe, that the forked coin has less chance to survive than a new coin.
    ‘Feathercoin Classic’, the thing wrapper mentioned above, didn’t make it even for 6 month.