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nsgminer 0.9.4 and geforce 9800 GT

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    hi guys,
    i’m looking to figure out the best configuration to get the most out of my miner. currently i can reach 15-25kh/s, im not sure i can get much better than that with my hardware. so am just looking for someone to help me better understand the code involved in configuration.
    any help will be much appreciated as my search through forums has been fruitless due to the lack of consolidated information.

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    The NVIDA based cards show much better result with the Nvidia ccminer version, or you try the cudaminer which is compiled for Nvidia cards.
    It can be found on github.

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    yeah, that was the general gist of what i discovered. but i’ve failed to get any other miner working so far.
    just hoping to get some advice on how to approach configurations in general rather than be pointed away from what i’m using… for now anyways :3
    (i’ve noticed that seems to be a common issue on forums like this, a question gets asked but the answers given, don’t tend to answer the question)

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    Well the problem mainly is that the 9800 GT is a very old card. So many miners probably aren’t even supporting it anymore. That’s why you have so many problems. You could try using old versions of these miners.

    And i don’t think you can get a higher hashrate with nsgminer. I mean i don’t have any reference but it’s just a very old card. I don’t really expect that it performs any better.

    Do you have to pay electricity btw? Because with such a low hashrate it would be really difficult to make any profit at all.

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    honestly im not actually looking to get much better out my current hardware. i am aware that is old and useless. but i am looking to be able to understand the syntax used when creating batch files and configuring the miner. This is only so that i actually know and comprehend what it is i am typing in and how it effects performance in general.

    i apologise if i seem to be getting short fused about it, but i’m asking for help to understand config/batch files so i can improve performance on future harware not so i can get any major gains on my current hardware.

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    @offtherecord 9800GT is one of the first cards with the CUDA support, compute capability 1.1. Most NVIDIA only miners require compute capability 3.0 at least, preferably 5.0. So, NSGminer is your best bet. It works at least.