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New member

  • newbies

    Am happy to be here.Anyone willing to share success stories of feathercoin?

  • @georgelacr

    I don’t know if it counts as a success, but i mined feathercoin back in the day, bought some dips, traded some waves.
    Eventually i quit my dayjob this August, and since then working on projects that i wanted to do for a long time (also minimal freelancing, but only on a “happy past customers need something new” kind of stuff.
    Selling some of my ftc gave me the opportunity to quit a job i hated and eventually lower my stress a bit (regarding income/work and related issues), as well as cope a little bit better with chronic depression and anxiety.
    So in a way, ftc helped me free a part of my soul.
    Also, i have been lurking in these forums for years but only recently joined and met some pretty cool people in this community. Its nice to see people working on such a project in the way they do it. Especially in todays cryptoworld.
    Although making profit feels great, success is not only measured by it 🙂

  • Moderators

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

  • Regular Member

    Hello Geogelacr. Welcome to the forum. Sorry couldn’t share any success story. Actually I’m seeking the “Success” here 😃


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