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Transactions per second

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    I was thinking about this last night and couldn’t find these figures anywhere;
    How many transactions per second can FTC handle ?
    We all know it’s quick/near instance at the moment, but this is probably due to the fact it’s not well used globally. How do we plan on increasing this?

    For an altcoin to be accepted as payment for goods in Cafe’s etc, you will need near instant transaction times, equivalent to VISA or they just wont be accepted

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    Whilst not exactly the same as normal transactions with fees and the attacking software may have had limitations of output speed —

    There was a dust transaction “attack” / test of the (normal) network which maxed out at 10 k transactions a minute.

    FTC Transactions per minute

    You can see the full analysis here : https://forum.feathercoin.com/topic/8883/feathercoin-analysis-of-possible-maximum-transactions-block-dustcoin-attack-25-10-2016/2

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    The maximum number of transactions per minute or per x minutes also depends on the transaction sizes. If a lot of small transactions are combined to send coins, the size of that transactions increases, less transactions can be carried per block and the max transactions per time frame decrease.

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    That equates to 166 transactions a second then ? Not quite up to Ripple’s sustained 1500 tx/per second then, but not bad 🙂

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    Quote from the test:

    “I can provide some info here as I was the “attacker”. I simply setup a loop to send dust to another address I control. I used my VPS as the sending wallet so the loop probably just ran as fast as the VPS would allow which could be why it limited it to 1100 transactions per block. It could also have hit the block limit of 1mb, but I’m not sure how to tell if that was the case or not. I honestly thought it would be a lot higher than 1100.”

    So it might have been the block limit. Or just the vps. But with segwit the possible tx/s will increase anyway. And we can already handle a very large amount of transactions.