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NeoScrypt CUDAminer

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    Here it is finally:

    It supports all NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability 5.0 and higher, i.e of the Maxwell and Pascal architectures. Should work on Volta, too, with manual settings. I’ve changed the name back to CUDAminer because both Christians who have managed the CCminer project back in 2014 are no longer in business, so the old name is rather confusing.

    Both Stratum and GetWork should work fine. No GetBlockTemplate.

    There is a single CUDA kernel written in PTX asm for the most part. CUDA 6.5 seems to do the best, CUDA 7.5 is slightly slower, CUDA 8.0 is considerably slower. Although there are 3 hashing modes which fit different GPUs:

    -m 1 is for the Maxwell architecture. Derived from NSGminer. Does very well on 750 Ti like 270KH/s @ 1400MHz core / 3200MHz memory;

    -m 2 is for the Pascal architecture with GDDR5, i.e. 1060 and 1070. Over 1.1MH/s on a reference 1070 with no overclocking;

    -m 3 is for the Pascal architecture with GDDR5X, i.e. 1080. From TPruvot’s miner. Needs more work though. 1080 is almost as fast as 1070 with it.

    The miner is open source, no dev fees or anything, though your donations are welcome.

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