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send/transfer using Ubuntu headless wallet feathercoin-cli

  • Feathercoin: v0.13.0.0-beta
    I’ve been trying to send funds to another account using ubuntu headless wallet,

    ./feathercoin-cli sendtoaddress MyAccountname receiveraccount

    ./feathercoin-cli sendtoaddress myaccountname receiver account

    but in both cases I’m getting error

    -bash: feathercoin-cli: command not found

    What command should I exactly use to transfer funds?

  • Moderators

    when it says “feathercoin-cli” not found means it cant find the binary file called “feathercoin-cli”

    what you need to do is either run your commands again from the same directory feathercoin-cli is in


    you can install feathercoind, feathercoin-tx and feathercoin-cli to your local machine by running “make install” if you built from source.

  • they are very much installed, I can do all other jobs like getbalance, getwalletinfo etc etc but sending money doens’t work, it’s ubuntu headless wallet.

  • Moderators

    did you secure your wallet with a password?
    I have the same message, when I try to send coins from my wallet without unlocking it first.
    Also you have to surround the sendto address with "

    ~>feathercoin-cli senddtoaddress "6gof8Za8w36vpV32pE85wwscC4rkwxstPJ" 1.0
    error code: -32601
    error message:
    Method not found

    Then I did:

    ~> feathercoin-cli walletpassphrase "myPassWord" 100
    ~> feathercoin-cli sendtoaddress "6gof8Za8w36vpV32pE85wwscC4rkwxstPJ" 1.0

    Is the transaction id returned by the sendtoaddress method

    Here you can see the transaction:

  • Thanks, that worked like a charm. I was overlooking my wallet passphrase I forgot it was encrypted.

  • Moderators

    Great, you sorted it out. Thanx @Wellenreiter


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