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Date of last feathercoin mined

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    Dear community,

    Could anyone help me compute the approximate year in which the last feathercoin is generated?
    More general, as we know, last bitcoin is around 2140. Probably, the same for LTC (4 times more coins 4 times faster blocks). I was wondering if there is any major altcoin which will be mined out during our generation πŸ™‚


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    Well, that is an more or less easy calculation, even there are some variances due to the fact, that the actual block times vary.

    • The block reward halves ~every 4 years
    • the currently calculated date of the next halving can be found on the
      [Feathercoin Homepage[(www.feathercoin.com)
    • we are currently at a reward of 40 FTC / block.

    So the halving is 40/20/10/5/3/2/1/0 (the last 4 values are because the reward will be in full coins always.

    The halving from 40 to 20 FTC per block is shown at the page mentioned above, that leaves 6 halvings plus the time till the 40/20 FTC halving
    So the final Feathercoin will be mined 6x4 years + 1234 days (= 3.38years) from today.

    If I’m not wrong this is 2018+24+3.38 what gives some day in 2045 for the last coin mined.

    If I made a mistake in the calculation, someone correct me.
    I hope to be still alive that day πŸ˜ƒ

    Regarding LTC, it’s not a question about the total number of coins mined and the number of blocks per time frame, but more how frequently the halving is done.