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FEE-FREE FTC POOL!! Come on, miners! It's a party!

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    Just in case anyone here still hasn’t heard, some of the wonderful guys here have started an “official” FTC pool over at


    They are charging 0% fees, which is amazing…obviously. These guys do a lot of work behind the scenes for FTC, and I think it would be a very nice thing for all of us to show our appreciation by donating a little as we use this pool. If you’ve ever mined in a pool anywhere, you’ve paid AT LEAST 1%, so why not just give that 1% to these guys for all of their hard work…?

    I’ve always hated mining in pools because of the fees, but to me, a donation feels a lot different than a fee.

    Imagine what 1% donated by each miner reading this would do for the morale of our FTC team…

    Just something to think about!