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blocknotify - yiimp

  • I’m trying to setup a pool on yiimp and having issue with blocknotify. Yiimp is in one server while feathercoin daemon is in another server.

    in server A ip: yiimp is installed

    in server B ip: daemon is installed

    Even though block has found however blocknotify doesn’t seem to work, I doubt because feathercoin.conf file is in daemon’s B server while actual pool script is on server A, there might be execution issue? How to fix it?

    Here is the line I added to daemon’s feathercoin.conf file at server B:

    blocknotify=blocknotify 308 %s

    any idea why blocknotify isn’t working? Do I need to make any changes in above line to make blocknotify work from daemon’s B server to intimate server A.

    PS. I’m using Linux, Ubuntu 16.04.3

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    @goodthebest said in blocknotify - yiimp:


    Read this and see how he’s doing it.