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using feathercoin as a replacement for Website Advertising revenue (via javascript mining)

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    I read a web comic called erf world . the owner has recently been looking for alternatives to ADs. He wants ADs as he wants to monetize his readership who dont buy merch or support him directly (he has a donate per new-comic-page system for those so inclined)

    He started looking at various things he could do and recently he’s started encouraging people to mine etherium in to a pool he gets so he can take down the ADs. miners get intangible rewards on the website and mainly they have an alternative way to support the website via using power instead of cash.

    He mentioned he looked in to on screen javascript mining (and i looked in to it briefly after he did) but apparently it just doesnt work well enough to replace ADs.

    Could we do something with feathercoin that might actually work in javascript and give a return that is high enough for the website owner that he could drop the ADs. just so we have some metrics to frame this question on. Lets figure 20 cents a coin for now. (since thats near where it is now) and figure its running on something with very little horsepower… even for a modern phone like an iphone 6 (which is dated at this point). Finally, figure the person is on the website for 2 minutes actually running whatever ajax script to mine.


  • | Tip rogerdarin

    Our hashing algo (neoscrypt) is currently not available in javascript, but setting that aside it’s feasible as long as you make sure the reader gets joined to a mining pool.

    The payout would be quite insignificant, however, if the readers are only mining for a few minutes - say while reading the article. Given that there are mining pools that automatically start mining the most profitable coin, I’d say that FTC is no more feasible to replace ads with than any other coin mining… 😞

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    While it is an interesting idea/thought experiment, I dont think it actually amounts to much. Difficulty of these different coins is so high that a CPU mining for just a few minutes is never going to make enough to matter.

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    The more I think about this the more I delight in the idea. (As a personal project) a little quick research shows … sure enough html5 has shaders. Presumably I can do a faithful port of a conventional miner and use 3d hardware acceleration. I say presumably as I actually have no idea but it’ll be a fun project to try. Once it’s written you can make content that only exposes After you meet the hashing requirement 🙂

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    You need to keep in mind that there is a treshhold to mining. If a javascript/web based minder doesn’t get a single hash resolved and sent to the pool server during the time the user stays on the web side, the mining is not counted.
    In normal mining the pools have the possibility to react on the hashrate provided by the miners by adjusting the share difficulty, but they need some shares to get a base for the calculation. Therefore I doubt, that it is an easy task to port the mining to javascript/html and get some results, except the user willingly stays on the web page for longer time to support it.

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    I hear ya, in short im just implementing a slightly specialized pool and miners.

    I previously was judging feasibility based on the technology. I think maybe a better way is to think of it in terms of power. Assume I can get identical performance per kilowatt from a phone as a any gpu (unlikely but I just want to know if the return is worth it) just how much power does a mobile phone have?

    Circa 2013 about 5.5 watt hours which is very telling. I’m guessing you will get around 1/50th to 1/100th the performance of a single run of the mill card. So looking around I see 100k hash seems to the norm I guess if I can muster 1k a sec I’m really doing something.

    Is it enough ? That’s 1 part in 5.8 million as of writing this that makes 0.000003396655483 pennies a second or basicallly you need 300,000 users to get a penny a second. Which is insane… so realisticly 3000 is where you want a penny a second.( 864 dollars a day) Which means you probably need 100 to 1000 times the performance to justify it.

    Long story made short probably an academic thing to do

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    I should ad, it doesn’t mean I won’t do it …, I haven’t decided yet . Depends on other unrelated projects. If I did do it, it would likely be just to see if I could . Probably the only way to make such a system feasible is to design a coin that requires a ui/cpu only (ever) to be mined .