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Problems with 0.13 wallet

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    As posted earlier, I have had no luck solo mining with this new wallet. I don’t know enough of the technical side to answer most of the questions that I was asked to diagnose the problem, so for the time being, I will not update the wallets on my miners. Easy enough of a solution…

    Bigger problem: I got home this evening, and decided to send my mined coins from the miner wallet over to my desktop “main” wallet. As you can see from my 1st picture (this is the sending wallet), I am going on 20 minutes now since I have sent the coins. Every time in the past I have EVER sent coins to myself, I have a “sent” dialogue pop up, and almost immediately, a “received” dialogue pop up on the machine with the other wallet. As you can see from the 2nd picture (this is from my receiving wallet), I have not even received the coins into my receiving wallet with an “unconfirmed” message…

    I don’t know what’s going on…but it is troubling me…

    I have went over to the Feathercoin FSight block explorer, and this transaction is still showing unconfirmed…25 minutes later!

    0_1519695977057_WALLET PROBS.jpg 0_1519695982438_wallet probs2.jpg

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    …and just like that, 15 seconds after I made this post, both of my pending transactions came through…

    I will leave this post up in case someone else has a miniature heart attack thinking that they have lost some coins, maybe they’ll come across this post and take a deep breath! =o)

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    due to coin changing pools we have strong variances in hash rate, and when the hash rate drops the difficulty can start to drop some blocks later only.
    This leads to times of 20-25 minutes between the first blocks after the hash rate drops.
    I think, that was the reason for your tramsactions being delayed

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    I hate to beat a dead horse, since this is something that we’ve already discussed, BUT, I did want to keep everyone in the loop of what I am seeing just in case you all are not seeing the same things.

    I had the exact same thing as I described above happen again this morning.

    I sent 3 different transactions this morning to my “main desktop wallet”. The first two, which consisted of 40 coins a piece, were sent from 2 separate wallets, went through as expected, with no problems. The third one was sent immediately after these 2, from a third wallet, and has still not confirmed. It has been 60 minutes since the coins were sent!

    0_1519916710281_FTC probs.jpg

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    @jimmy24651 I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

    Currently I’m unable to re-create. I have a 0.13 Feathercoin-QT client and a Feathercoin-QT client.

    Both clients send to and from each other with hardly any delay or issue.

    Do you have a TX ID for the 3rd wallet transaction ?

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    you dont have to apologize, man… its no big deal to me. i am just trying to give you guys a heads up.