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Coinpayments Marketplace

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    Ok, guys. I have just created an online marketplace using The site address is Now. Coinpayments doesn’t currently accept feathercoin in their coin payment processing. However, in due time I forsee them adding feathercoin back into their coins they support and hence I went ahead and built this site. I’m selling custom tshirts of favorite coins for users of crypto. I will only be accepting crypto as payment. If any have advice, please do not hesitate to let me know what’s on your mind. I’m a loyal feathercoiner and I hope to see feathercoin back on

  • Thanks @addamnorth - we’d all love to have Feathercoin on but they’ve removed it from the public voting system (even though we’ve had a few percent up).

    If you have any inside channels to talk to them, that’d be great!


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