Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version

UPnP does not work in the latest wallet

  • Regular Member | Tip marecek666

    I just replaced old version of windows core wallet to the latest 0.13.1. I have fast 1Gbps connection with public IP and enabled UPnP support in my router and enabled it in the wallet settings of course with allowing incoming connections. Other coins wallets are able to open their port properly but only latest FTC wallet is not able to do it. Still have only 8 connections out and 0 in. Is it an issue or is it an intention in this version of wallet?
    I want to let wallet run as a node for supporting the network and it was not problem with 0.9.6 version. What port should I open in my router manually if UPnP is not working properly? Still 9336?
    edit: yes 9336, after opening it manually in the router it is OK. Incoming connections are up. Only UPnP does not want to open port correctly.

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    I’d need to ask @Bush to see if he built the release binaries with UPNP.

    It’s quite possible they weren’t built with it so in that case you’d need to build the client yourself.

    Welcome to openSource 🙂