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Wallet, hash...

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    I’m back here with more questions 🙂
    I managed to found one more of my wallets.
    And yay, it has 1247 FTC on it :))) can’t be happier. But…
    Can’t access coins because I forgot which pwd combination I used.
    Gosh, probably for two weeks now I kept making all kinds of pwd variations and still can access my coins. I suspect typo or some symbol involved since I have two languages on my keyboard.
    Last transaction 2014 May, it’s been quite a while.
    So questions.
    I want to attack my wallet hash with hashcat, is it possible? I read that software supports loads of algorithms.
    Anyway, I successfully managed to extract hash code from btc wallet, but i’m unsuccessful with ftc wallet, probably because it’s neo-scrypt.
    I tried to use pywallet and one other software, can’t remember the name, those were suggested on page of those guys that run recovery service, although they say they support most algorithms, I must be doing something wrong. Since it’s like 300 eur I better try myself first or just burn whole wallet.
    How do I see my wallet hash code?

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    Hi @uogautojas

    welcome to the forums.

    Am I right in understanding you have a wallet.dat file which is encrypted with a password, and you’ve forgotten this password ?

    try this

  • Regular Member | Tip uogautojas

    Yes, thank you for the link!