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Earning Cryptocurrency

  • newbies Banned

    Hello everyone. I have a question. What can you say about such websites as 1xbit com ? As I’ve read it’s a good possibility to earn cryptocurrency with betting. Is it secure and effective way?

    [link removed by moderator]

  • Moderators

    Hi @david-lung
    first of all welcome to the forum.

    Without checking the site you linked, a bet always is a loose in the long term, as the payouts are always smaller than the money/coins you bet.

    Otherwise the operator of the site would spend his own money to pay for the payouts.

    So the Answer is: No, it is not a good idea to try earning cryptocurrencies by betting on them.

  • Moderators

    There are three different accounts now, that advertize this website with the same text.
    I have banned all three accounts.


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