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New Feathercoin Newbie

  • Hi,

    I’m Peter …but you can call me peschu…
    FTC is the first project I want to participate actively.

    I’m located in Zurich and speak german, english (and hopefully portugues in the near future). 🙂

    I think I need to work through the topics here first before I can offer any help. I’m not a developer but I do some scripting sometimes and working since 20 years with it stuff (damn…aehm…I started early 🙂 ) . Ubuntu Linux is my favorite/main os. At the moment I work my way into programming with golang(just as hobby). My day job is working with data and visual analytics as a consultant.

    My starting point will be to setup a electrumX server on my azure machine in regard to the post from lucas…

    I could imagine to create guides & things to improve the user experience and to develop the network, but I’m really open to anything which needs to be done.

    Would be nice if someone updates the sticky topic “[FAQ] Is there any way I can help forward the Feathercoin project?” …

    I’m really looking forward to help the project and to connect with all supporters. 🙂 Contact me here or via Telegram @peschu


  • Moderators

    Hi @peschu and welcome to the forum.

    As we are all working on voluntary basis, we are always happy to have a new membeer on bard, that is willing to help the Feathers getting better 😃

  • Hi @peschu and welcome to FTC! 🙂

    Great to hear that you want to run an ElectrumX server. More choice for servers is important. ElectrumX is the backend of Electrum-FTC AND the mobile wallet Edge, therefore very critical for us.

    Looking forward to see your contributions. More guides would indeed be very good.

  • Moderators

    Hello @peschu

    welcome to the forums, happy posting!

  • thank you for your replies 🙂

    I have the node and electrumx server up & running …
    But I can’t reply in the sticky thread!?

    address for the server is:


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