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$1000 + 1000 coin contest

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    [b]Contest Rough Details:[/b]

    Dates: June 10th 12:01am - June 30th 11:59pm (US Eastern)
    Prize: $1000 worth of Feathercoin | + an extra 1000 split among all the participants equally
    Catagories: There will be 10 categories, each will give away $100 worth of Feathercoins
    Lottery System: The more you participate, the more tickets you will gain for each of the 10 drawings
    Limits: No limit to the number of categories you can enter
    Lead: Working with our new contest lead to make sure everything is outlined correctly
    Boards: Thee will be 10 sub-boards under the Contest Tracking board
    Threads: Each participant will create a unique thread in the correct sub-board with proof of accomplishment
    Drawing: The drawings will be recorded and available through webcam to guarantee fairness

    [b]Confirmed Categories:

    • Merchant Contacts
    • Feathercoin In The Community
    • Mining
    • Articles
    • Videos
    • Art
    • Humor
    • Design
    • Press
    • Music

  • | Tip justabitoftime

    Everyone remains on track. I just met with our contest lead and we’re about ready to post the final rules… June 10th babieee, here we go!!!