Supported Feathercoin client versions: Current production Version: 0.16.1.

Old Production Version: 0.16

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How to update wallet Feathercoin Core v0.9.6.2 to v0.16. win-64-setup

  • newbies

    Hello I just signed up and want to update my Feathercoin Core v0.9.6.2 to v0.16. win-64 but I’m not sure how to do that. Can I just close the old wallet and run the feathercoin-0.16-win-setup.exe or do I have to uninstall the old wallet first?

  • Moderators

    First of all, welcome to the Forum. 😃

    In principle you can just run the v0.16 installer and all should be fine.

    To be on the safe side I strongly suggest the following:

    1. backup your wallet.dat file. it is located in the %appdata%\feathercoin directory
    2. run the v0.16 installer.
    3. run the v0.16 wallet

  • Moderators

    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    You can do what @Wellenreiter has described.

    basically your Feathercoin data directory by default should be in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Feathercoin

    In that folder you’ll find your wallet.dat as well as your downloaded copy of the blockchain.

    When you uninstall feathercoin-qt from “add and remove programs” it removes it from C:\Program Files\Feathercoin but it leaves the stuff in your AppData folder alone

    BUT!!! Always be on the safe side - Make a backup of your wallet.dat and your private keys separately…

    Then uninstall Feathercoin and just simply download and run the installer for 0.16 .

    The 0.16 installer should find your Feathercoin data directory and work as normal. You might have to wait for it to rescan the blockchain but this is pretty quick on most computers…


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