Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version

Wanted to say Hi!

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    Hey there!

    Name’s Reanchi and I decided to get my feet wet with cryptocurrency mining. generally I’m laid back and post little until I am comfortable with the community. You may not see too much of me but I figured I would make an account if ever I needed help or advice.

    Actually i did have one question, if you could indulge me.

    I got ccminer, i made the bat. file with the required instructions and set my crypto wallet address. Do I now just double click it and let it run on its own? I know the specifics of mining are quite complex for the most part but thus far ,for the average layman miner, it seems to go on it’s own, but I may be terribly mistaken.

    Anywho I wont waste any more of y’all’s time, so I’ll see you around!

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    Hello @Reanchi and welcome to the forum 🙂
    I’m no windows specialist, but I would try t open a cmd /command window and test the bat file from there first.
    You can check the output, if it is working fine and if you leave it running for a day or so, you also can check, if you mine some coins, assuming you are using a pool.

    If that works I’d start the bat file with a double click.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums @Reanchi

    There’s tons of resources available on the internet for mining these days.

    If you made the bat file correctly and you run it…

    it should…connect to the pool you’ve chosen and your miner should display your hashrate and the shares being processed.

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    @acidd Ok, there IS a lot of info around, but much of it is very keyword heavy, and while I am somewhat familiar with ay the kids put it “cyber-technical knowledge” I am very new to this realm of computing

    Attached is a snappy of my bat file running since last night, and if you need/want more info, give a heads up, I just wanna know if this is what I should be seeing! !

    0_1530824792763_Bat info.png

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    That output looks fine. the ‘accepted lines’ tell you, that the pool server accepted shares from your miner. This means, that you will participate in the payout, if a block is found and you are still mining on that pool at the time that happens.