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markets and crypto currency

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    So call me skittish, but the last week has been brutal for me in stocks. It might be a blip but i get the subtle feeling its not and it’s more of a harbinger or bellwether of things to come. The us stock market has been going up for too long with no real good reason as of late.

    long story made short. if the market (US market) does continue to go down will crypto currencies see their growth return again? I was thinking yes as it feels like a safe harbor, but is it? The alternative is to sit on the money or buy bonds, CDs, bet against the market, etc.


  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    You may be right, but the crypto market doesn’t follow the same rules than the stock market, even it seems to be similar at times.

    An alternative is to simply sit it out. Long term the stock market will recover.
    The question is if one has the time and patience to wait…

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    i can’t help feel like if i sit i’m missing an opportunity. now if i was ready to retire i’d buy a bunch of bonds take fixed income off them and call it a day. I was doing the math feather coin is back to the 4 cent range. picking up a few hundred thousand more feathercoin seems like an awesome deal at that price. but you mentioned the real concern. crypto currency markets follow their own rules.

    last time it took 3 years and change before i could get back my crypto currency investment. it worked out really really really well. but who can say which way the wind blows. part of me is like “double up using house money”. the other half of me is like just buy some commodities and/or bonds and wait a while. I’m still young and foolish i think we know what i’m going to do 🙂

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    I should add, the real prolem is i’m using crypto currency as an investment vehicle. its the same as buying yen because you think japan is going to have crazy growth. the difference is yen (at least at this point) is always worth something because its used daily. … and now we’re back to what i need to see with feather coin. more circulation … more use. so hard to make the world do that >_<

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    You are right, it’s hard to get more people to use Feathercoin, but that is common for all Crypto currencies, with the exception of Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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