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Script key from public key

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    Hello guys, as I found out, the way you make a script key from public key in Feathercoin is different from all other neoscrypt coins. Can you please tell me where to read about converting public key to script pub key in Feather coin?

    For the moment I have this function and the result is wrong.

    var decoded = base58.decode(addr);
    var pubkey = decoded.slice(1,-4);
    return Buffer.concat([Buffer.from([0x76, 0xa9, 0x14]), pubkey, Buffer.from([0x88, 0xac])]);

    I made some additional research and it seems like that the difference in begining and the end of the key.
    The right one: a91416345c23bbe7b9e4015f0d1f47671c235f4ac06387
    The one generated by function: <Buffer 76 a9 14 16 34 5c 23 bb e7 b9 e4 01 5f 0d 1f 47 67 1c 23 5f 4a c0 63 88 ac>

    It looks like you don’t need to include 76 at the beginning and the right ending is 87, not 88 ac

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