First of all many thanks for your feedback. You are right, I need to clean up a couple of things in the repository. The submodule init is a left over from the first tests and in the neantime there is a python neoscrypt module available, that can be installed with pip. I also missed the fact, that I need to adapt the cache and config locattion, when forking directly from spesmilo repository. It’s on my todo list now. I also have access to some of the server not working for you. I will check and probably update the ssl certificates there. Please keep your wallet open for at least 12 hours and check if your transaktion will get verified. This can take some time. Please keep me updated here. Last but not least, my focus is on the 4.x version, as the 3.3.8 version is about 2 years old, maybe older and a bit outdated already.