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EMCD.IO - mining pool [0.0% fee, FPPS+

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    Bitcoin is a technological tour de force. Bill Gates

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    Being miners ourselves we sought for a best solution and decided to create it. Now we are proud to present you mining pool EMCD - pool with algorithmic auto-switching.

    This is our solution for effective mining, which aims to get maximum for every miner. We launched our first pool since February 2018 and gathered pretty much confidence in how things should be done. Even with comparatively low hashpower we can rival with huge pools in terms of profit.

    Who will be interested?

    EMCD pool will be interesting for owners of ASIC miners on algorithms: sha-256 and scrypt
    The algorithm automatically determines which altcoin is more profitable to mine, mines it and changes it on the exchange and you receive payments in BTC.


    1. Simple registration and user-friendly interface. You need to enter your wallet address for getting statistics

    2. Method of accrual and payment - FFPS+

    3. No minimum payout threshold

    4. No FEE!

    5. Servers are located in Russia, Europe and in USA from reliable hosting providers: low ping and high bandwidth

    6. We have an office, warehouse, store. Owner of pool - 5 years in the telecommunications equipment market and 2.5 years in the software market






    We have an affiliate program. If you want to attract miners on our pool - write to invite email: gate @emcd.io

    Go to the pool and get statistics

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    note: does not support feathercoin (hence i moved it to other altcoins)

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