Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

BCEX Global together with FRECNX hold a STAKING EVENT

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    Enter the event page to participate, follow the link: https://www.bcex.vip/activity/bit-bill!
    This event is provided by BCEX and FRECNX projects.

    1. Event time:
      Oct 25, 2019, 11: 00-2019 Oct 31, 2:00 p.m. (UTC + 8).
    2. Lock your FRECNX tokens and do a profit:
    • in 3 months - 5% of the number of your tokens on your account;
    • in 6 months - 11% of the number of your tokens on your account;
    • in 12 months - 25% of the number of your tokens on your account.

    About Freldo:
    From 2016 Freldo Inc. https://ico.freldo.com/ has launched business social network Freldo https://freldo.com.

    A fully functional network connects small and medium business owners and their customers.
    We have 40 000 live clients.

    Our goal is to make a revolution in the services market by implementing blockchain technology to the business-client relationship, providing small business with the tools of large networks and companies.

    The token FRECNX is traded on the BCEX exchange - https://www.bcex.vip/trade/frecnx_eth.

    About BCEX Exchange:
    BCEX is an exchange based in Hong Kong. BCEX is a leading global digital assets trading platform. BCEX committed to bringing the best trading experience to users around the globe with the highest standards in the industry.

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