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Best Paper Wallet???

  • Regular Member | Tip addamnorth

    Hey guys! Long time.

    I’ve been putting my FTC on paper wallets for years now…
    I recently ran across an article that was wrote 2 years ago… oof…about walletgenerator and how it’s fairly INSECURE…

    Any suggestions for secure paper wallets??

    I don’t like usb and i really don’t like keeping it on my pc.

    I prefer paper, i like the idea of printing my own currency, lol. something about it is liberating.

    Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    @AcidD hoping that you chime in here. lol. you always have the best advice!

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    Hey @addamnorth

    This is really your call. you can do a few things but i guess the below is the simplest if you wanted to “own” everything

    The FTC client (feathercoin-qt) generates addresses for you. You could do it yourself with an offline secure computer and a local client…you can print out the private and public keys yourself locally and use those. Test with small amounts first and make sure you test recovering your coins 🙂

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