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Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

Handling of projects and funding

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    Over time more and more requests to start projects are raised from the community as well as from external entities wanting to make business around Feathercoin.

    Here are some highlights how Feathercoin is handling such requests:

    Basic of project funding

    Feathercoin is a community driven coin, without a central project management department. Also no permanent residuals exist to fund projects.

    How we aproach projects

    • Every idea or new project request needs to be introduced in the offcial Feathercoin group chat Telegram.
      The term ‘projects’ includes all listing offers from exchanges**

    • The community will discuss the project or proposal and will start a fund raising, if any financial effort is needed to complete the project.

    • When the required funds are available, the execution project/proposal will be started

    • The prefered currency for any payments is FTC

    The only possible deviation of the handling described above is, to find a sponsor is willing to finance the project/proposal with his own coins.

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