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Feathercoin Branding (Logo; colors; fonts)

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    The following topics provides all the elements of the Feathercoin branding such as logo, colors, banner or fonts:

    • Logo:

    The main feathercoin logo is made of a circle and a feather in grey color (3e4b52)
    Variations exist in order to fit with the different design such as light or dark background.
    This is the prime logo and it must be used by default for small and big formats.

    Grey & Transparent:
    Feathercoin-logo-grey & transparent.png
    Grey & White:
    Feathercoin-logo-grey & white.png
    White & Transparent:
    Feathercoin-logo-white & transparent.png

    SVG version

    Another version of the logo exist with both the logo and the text. This one could be used for specific third-party websites or mobile app where by a long horizontal logo is required.

    Logo with Text Transparent:
    FeathercoinLogo and Text.png

    Logo with Text - White Background:
    FeathercoinLogo and Text-white.png

    Another specific variation called “Feathercoin Payments” can be used when the target display size is above 300px x 300 px. This variation is preferred when the subject is emphasizing peer-to-peer payments.
    White & Transparent
    Feathercoin-Featherlight-white & transparent.png

    • Banner:
      A specific banner can be used on documents or website / social media headers:


    • Background:
      A specific background image can be used on documents or website background:


    • Fonts:

    Feathercoin font is “PT Sans”. All variations such as bold, italic could be used as well.

    • Colors:

    All the text must be either in white or in grey (3e4b52), depending on the background color.
    Icons or graphics must be either in white or in blue (5385c3), depending on the background color.

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