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Omnifeather Branding (Logos; colors; fonts)

  • | Tip ludonakamoto

    The following topics provides all the elements of the Omnifeather branding such as logos, colors or fonts:

    • Logo:
      The main Omnifeather logo is made of a circle (similar to omnilayer) and a feather.
      It uses some gradients of blue.
      A grey variation exists in order to fit with the dark background.

    Blue & Transparent

    Grey & Transparent

    • Fonts:
      Omnifeather font is “PT Sans”. All variations such as bold, italic could be used as well.

    • Colors:
      All the text must be either in white or in grey (3e4b52), depending on the background color.
      Icons or graphics must be either in white or in gradient of blue:

    Dark Blue: 1f4791
    Medium Blue: 204b98
    Light Blue: 29abe3

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