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LiteBit.eu is delisting Feathercoin - How to withdraw your FTC.

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    LiteBit.eu has decided to delist Feathercoin together with many other altcoins.

    Source: https://support.litebit.eu/hc/en-us/articles/360020462219-Coin-Removals-April-12th-2021

    Even if the wallet should be maintained until October 2021, we strongly recommend to withdraw your Feathercoin as soon as possible.

    During the withdrawal process you have to select a target wallet address.
    Depending on your situation, you may choose one of the following options:

    • Send your Feathercoin to the official Feathercoin Core Wallet available from the official website: https://feathercoin.com/#APPS

    • If you have a small amount of Feathercoin, you could transfer your Feathercoin to the edge wallet: https://edge.app/

    • If you want to trade with your Feathercoin, you could transfer your Feathercoin to the Bittrex Exchange: https://global.bittrex.com

    In the 3 cases, you must start the respective application in order to retrieve the inbound wallet address.

    When you have your address available such as 6uxTn4zTgURfsup1EeT7D1bKqtJSjbyoPT, you can connect on your LiteBit account and follow the below procedure.

    Step 1: Connect on LiteBit and select the “Wallet” Menu.
    Step 2: Find the Feathercoin wallet and click on the “Withdraw” button

    Step 3: Click on the “Max” button in order to select your full Feathercoin Balance.
    Step 4: Enter the target wallet address you retrieved from Feathercoin Core Wallet, Edge or Bittrex depending on your selected option.
    Step 5: Click on Preview.

    Step 6: Review carefully the information, especially the receiving wallet address.
    Step 7: When everything is good, enter your 2FA Google Authenticator Code.
    Step 8: Click on “confirm”.

    Step 9: Your are done. Your fund will be soon on your target wallet. To check the transfer, you could connect on http://explorer.feathercoin.com/ and enter your wallet address.

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