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New to the Forum, but been on the Chat groups for a few years

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    Greetings everyone, it has been such a pleasure to meet and hear everyone’s wonderful ideas for the future of this sleeping giant. Everyone’s hard work will pay off eventually as long as we keep our hearts into the process for progression.

    A few things to know about me is that I am not a coder or understand the jargon well at all. My skills are purely visionary, creative, strategic planning, legal and corporate structure for not for profit organizations in Canada (where I choose to focus). Big thanks to whole team to get us this far so far, I feel we are quite close to hitting some milestones. My intentions for the next few months will be to me making a mark in the not for profit industry here in Vancouver, starting with beta testing on mine that has been established for 11 years.

    I do have a different way of thinking so if I sometimes come off as an idiot for not understanding something it might take me a few times I ask the same question a few different ways and I am always seeking examples. I was never an academic growing up, I learned everything in life through experience of hardship and failing my way to success. I am currently on the ending portion of my sabbatical and getting back into the working force with my not for profit but also offer side jobs in terms of life coaching for anyone who feels stuck in life and is looking for a few sessions to help get them back on track. 2020 has been a whirlwind for everyone, but together we can make the best of it . I am heavily into meditation and spirituality and have graduated hundreds of students to become teachers themselves. I look forward to sharing any peace and proficiency with the community! I am grateful to be around all of you! Thank you!

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