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[HOW TO] Reverse Coins that I sent 7years ago to another location, with LABEL

  • newbies | Tip navarror123

    I sent some coins that I mined to a peer to peer pooling account, and for the life or me I dont remember the account or website it was on, this was during the ability to mine with a gpu and cpu. I have my old wallet data and updated the feather core and all blockchain with latest updates.

    How do I reverse the sent coins back to me, as I know they have not been spent, I was a NOOB at the time and didnt have full understanding.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    @navarror123 once you have sent coins to another address, you need to have access to the wallet having that address in order to send the coins back or to any other ftc address.
    There is no way to reverse a transaction in the crypto world.

    Sorry, but you need to figure out the website and how you can get access to the wallet now holding yohr coins