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InvalidToken.net - FTC Charts & Data \[Beta\]

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    A basic website that provides feathercoin-related data, such as market charts, exchange rates, and network hashpower. It’s currently in Beta and still in the midst of heavy development, so don’t be surprised if new charts show up when you refresh your browser. The project came out of spending a week or so teaching myself php, and my inability to find a decent, all-in-one data site for Feathercoin. The site is set to auto-refresh every 2 minutes, and it may take 5 or 10 seconds to fully load as the server has to wait for the various pools and exchanges to report back their data.

    I hope people find it useful, and I eagerly await some feedback. If you have any suggestions, problems, or ideas for features, let me know and I’ll try my best to fix/implement them.

    [b]Current Features:[/b]

    [*]12H BTC-e Candlestick chart w/ volume, half-hourly resolution
    [*]24H Vicurex Last Price chart w/volume, hourly resolution
    [*]24H Network Hashpower chart, hourly resolution
    [*]7-Day BTC-e Candlestuck chart w/ volume, hourly resolution
    [*]Exchange Rates for FTC -> LTC, BTC, USD, CAD, EUR, RUR, and GBP, updated on website refresh.
    [*]Hashrates of major pools: D2, FCPool, Multipool, GiveMeFTC, WeMineFTC, and DigFeathercoin
    [*]Pie chart showing percentage of total network hashrate for each pool.

    [b]Upcoming/Planned/Indev Features:[/b]
    [*]An easy-to-use public API
    [*]Monthly charts for BTC-e and Vircurex
    [*]Orderbook w/ stepped area chart

    If you want to donate, my FTC address is: 6mBYesTjLChcY1gGbnQi699rgqLrvW3MrN
    Then maybe I can migrate to non-sucky web hosting 😉

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    Must say, looks really nice. Good job, bookmarked it 🙂

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    Just a suggestion: you’re probably going to want to cache the data locally instead of pulling it from the sources on each page load as you could unintentionally DDoS the sources if you have too many requests on your site. It would also help with the page load times.

  • | Tip Chloride

    Thanks for the suggestion. The site will actually lock out temporarily if you try to refresh it too fast (found this out the hard way while testing scripts), as it puts too much strain on the host’s servers. The only data that is requested on page load is the last prices for the exchange table and the mining hashrates. The market data and 24H hashrate data (which combined make up the majority of the data requested) are taken from text files that are updated via non-user-accessible cron job scripts. This also guarantees I won’t lose access to market history data.

    Chances are within the next couple weeks I’ll switch over the mining pi chart and pool hashrates to update every 5 minutes or so.

    Also, probably tomorrow or Monday I’ll be switching the 24H BTC-e chart to a 12H chart with half hour resolution and adding the BTC-e 7-day chart with a one hour resolution. Keep your eyes peeled, and thanks for the support! 😉

    [Update] BTC-e 12H chart is implemented, 7-day chart within the next day, and Google has indexed the site now.

  • Regular Member | Tip groll

    your missing a major player in hashrate coinotron. that his always bweteen 30% and 60% of the toatl hash rate (yes they have over 51% often, but follow the rules so not a big problem)

  • | Tip Chloride

    @d2 - Pool name will be lowercased, and I’m currently working on the caching issue. Should be fixed within the next hour or so

    @groll - I previously had Coinotron on there, but I’ve been having issues with reliably getting data from their API. I’ll try and figure it out soon.

    [[b]Update[/b]] Pool data is now cached and set to update every [s]hour[/s] half hour, no need to fear a DDoS. And the d2 pool is now ‘ftc.d2.cc’ rather than ‘Ftc.d2.cc’.

    [[b]Update 2[/b]] Coinotron has been added to the pool data. However, it’s still sketchy and often reports 0 KHash

  • | Tip Chloride

    7-day BTC-e chart has been added. However, the scales on the chart will be messed up until the database is completely full, which will take a week.

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