Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

G2G in my new apartment...what next?!?

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    What if anything do we need to get done asap for projects. I have a couple hours a week to put into development now that I am finally moved in and have internet. I was thinking about spending some serious time working on creating a pool or software that can handle mining all 3 coins through one web UI. Mining pool software really seems to be in infancy still and each good pool needs to put a lot of time in to fix bugs that come up with each coin. I also find it rather boring to see almost the same mining site no matter which one I use.

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    If you have anything you have in mind for vulnerabilities (testing, coding, research, or whatever let me know). I may not be the best at comp sec, however, I do have some good resources to get ideas or help from some big names/people in the industry. I know Teague Newman, Tiffany Rad (hacked into the US prison system legally), and a few other guys from various Gvt organizations specializing in Security. If you want to talk via skype about anything let me know, pretty sure my user name is RIPPEDDRAGON on skype.

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    I’ve pretty much been the core tester for mmcfe[u][b]-ng[/b][/u] in the recent weeks which was originally based on mmcfe but the code has now been almost completely rewritten. It coming along nicely, we’re nearly at RC1!

    https://github.com/TheSerapher/php-mmcfe-ng (spot my name on the donors list 😉 )

    I run that code on my pools. Check it out - may save you an awful lot of work?

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