Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.18.1
Old daemon and wallet version


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    [quote name=“Pyxis” post=“8533” timestamp=“1370096153”]
    Came across this interesting address while exploring the block chain (Dont know if this is correct thread for this)


    PASS or ASS take your pick 😉

    Profanity or Vanity, that is the question. 😃

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    v1.11 - OP download link and source updated.


    Added necessary changes for XP & 2003 support.
    Added additional input option to FTCoclVanity (user can now select their OpenCL device ID number that they wish to use to generate keys on).

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    v1.11 works fine for me.

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    [quote name=“ghostlander” post=“8949” timestamp=“1370213041”]
    v1.11 works fine for me.

    Great news, I was wondering as I changed back to .png from .gif for the logo, but the method is sound now, still weird how XP/2003 don’t seem to be able to handle 2 x Base64 decodes at the same time though. :-\

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    I imported one into the Android app “Feathercoin Wallet”…
    it reports…
    Warning: Due to a Java vulnerability, your wallet contains potentially vulnerable private keys! etc…
    It is Version 1.099 from github hank feathercoin-wallet
    I also needed OpenSSL to decrypt and encrypt what it Exports and Imports.
    OpenSSL explains it’s current version fixes this problem as well.

    I’m guessing this is the problem and why these are actually not safe to use.
    Please look into it and maybe resolve with a rebuild thanks.