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[ANN] Stay Hungry - Feathercoin Weekly News #16 with Hidden Treasure [CLAIMED]

  • | Tip ryan176

    I figured out the need to rescan the after importing and it worked +50 FTC thank you very much.
    I believe in sharing one’s good fortune so 10 FTC to the next four replies provided you have at least 2 posts on the forum before now.
    Please leave your address in your post. It’s late here in Ireland and it will probably be tomorrow evening when I get off work before I get time to send them so hang tight.

  • | Tip StevenFeather

    Good read, doesn’t seem like a week has passed since the last one. 😎

    Edit: oh just seen the last post, 6sw84y1KoTJf4UefBDnPAotPirDbwCjppb if you’re being generous 😉

  • Regular Member | Tip mharrison

    Already interested to read these. I like seeing all the developments in the Feathercoin community.

  • | Tip Explicit

    Keep your coins 🙂

    This does not apply to this thread directly, but I think it doesn’t hurt to remind new people on this forum who are _backing up_ their wallets to cold wallets (= saving private keys for addresses) that when:

    • x FTC is saved to address A, and then
    • y (out of x) FTC is spent from this address
    • remaining (x-y) FTC are not available through address A any more.

    After you spend some of your coins from an address, knowing the private key of this address is of very little use.
    This is a good read on change in BTC, but it applies to FTC as well. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Change

    It is very easy to cut yourself in this way.
    But, as long as you have your wallet.dat backed up, you are fine (in this regard).

  • Regular Member | Tip Vidicus

    Thank you so much Chris! This newsletter is epic! Thank you so much for all the hard work!

  • Regular Member | Tip flcph

    Thanks again for the another great news letter
    and welcome @Calem and @Pryderi to the Feathercoin team.


  • | Tip ryan176

    The 10 FTC will be going to
    Vidicus if an address is provided by 19:00 GMT
    Explicit seem to have passed up the offer if I misinterpreted let me know by 19:00

    If I don’t have an address from vidicus at 19:00hrs then the final 10 FTC will go to flcph.

    Will do these when i get home from work.

    Edit: 19:00hrs
    10 FTC each sent to


    Status: 1/unconfirmed, broadcast through 19 nodes
    Date: 15/01/2014 18:55
    To: 6sw84y1KoTJf4UefBDnPAotPirDbwCjppb
    Debit: -10.00 FTC
    To: 6dnuszocX5RwSKEMGyHhu5kozpRaan2BkQ
    Debit: -10.00 FTC
    To: 6jfUztcdcghdJ9s4o5LqTnTb2QtfjgPNCd
    Debit: -10.00 FTC
    To: 6zPyuXPPXv5e1WMHMWo3xjW7d48Ucv7zbc
    Debit: -10.00 FTC
    Transaction fee: -0.001 FTC
    Net amount: -40.001 FTC
    Transaction ID: b733ee93b3aca99cf79f5acc1451ac23a3a2893652445a0745430c82ca679cbf

  • | Tip Remonius

    Great newsletter, great news.

  • Regular Member | Tip chrisj

    [quote name=“iawgoM” post=“52310” timestamp=“1389774292”]
    Huh…anyone care to explain how did he get that private key? 🙂

    The second half of the private key was buried behind the @CheckaZ link at the end of the introduction. We put it on Twitter https://twitter.com/ChekaZ_/status/423133049673359360

    Don’t worry there will be more bounties 😃

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    What a lovely positive read. Top work! 😃

  • Regular Member | Tip sheepson

    ChrisJ, as always nice read.
    Love the ‘muddy shoe’ comparison !

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