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Feathercoin Un-Official Weekly News

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    Feathercoin Un-Official Weekly News

    Tuesday 25Th February 2014


    Feathercoin Key Stats

    314 days since genesis block creation**
    Approx. 34,600,600 Feathercoins created**
    Approx. 14 days behind target generation rate**

    Un-Official Weekly News

    In the absence of ChrisJ this week due to his coverage of the MtGox News, I thought for a bit of fun I’d have a go at publishing an Un-Official Weekly Newsletter. Not going to go into much news outside of Feathercoin, but focus on more on my highs from this week 🙂

    Oxford Meetup #4


    Back to the Oxford Blue

    A little trip down to Oxford again for me. Only the 2nd I have been to but once again I was made very welcome and got to catch up with some forum members. Not only that due to ChrisJ’s absence from the meetup, I was asked by Bushstar to join him on the live feed for the live raffle draw, completely unprepared for this, I hope that I came across OK on the live feed, and now what I have learnt later is to be cast into the history of the internet! Congratulations to all out winners in particular HopeStillFlies who cleaned up with a 4 prizes and 3 T-shirts. You should have all had a PM by now, asking for information about the delivery of your prizes.

    A massive thank you has to go to the following people for donating prizes:-

    • Netnerd
    • MTRinser
    • Matl
    • HopeStillFlies

    And whilst I have Netnerd in my mind he brought along a few of his new Gold Edition cold wallet coins and they look fantastic! Complete with Certificate of Authenticity, to show where in the limited edition run of 100 your coin is. These unloaded, DIY cold storage wallet coins will soon be available on the Market Place for purchase.


    Gold Edition Coin

    Feather Coin Fundraiser

    As you will know we as a community have been working together to raise fund for Prostate Cancer UK, and with your help we smashed our original target of 3,000 FTC and have set our sights on doubling that goal. Again I would like to say thank you on both behalf of Prostate Cancer UK and the Feathercoin Community, I had no idea when I started this that the support would be so high. Myself and ChrisJ are talking on a regular basis to leverage this effort to the benefit of Feathercoin. Keep your eyes on the forum for further updates, and more fun ways to help us reach our new goal!

    Feathercoin 1st Birthday Bash

    Entimp joined us again on the forum to discuss the 1st Birthday Bash! It is beginning to look like a Friday and Saturday night gathering at the Oxford Blue, to celebrate the birthday of Feathercoin, keep an eye on the thread to see what’s being planned for the weekend. Remember even if you can only drop in for a few hours you will be made welcome, and you can grab a drink and something to eat for FTC 🙂

    Feathercoin Digital Media Section

    Calem has started a new Digital Media section on the forum, so if you’re an artist or just interested in this area, pop along and have a look what’s going on. I know from reading his other posts he has some big ideas in this area and can’t wait to see the outcome.

    Support the Coin

    And finally there have been a couple of opportunities to help the coin progress, now there is no guaranties on any of these things, but a few clicks isn’t going to cost you much so check out some of the vote for FTC threads and offer a little support

    Vote for FTC/AUD Pair! (Bring ftc to BTCMarkets) - Thread by Calem

    Vote for Feathercoin - Thread by Chekaz

    In Closing

    I’ve had a very positive week here on the forums, and once again the community spirit amazes me. Hopefully ChrisJ will be back next week to give a more diverse and in-depth news letter but for now thanks for reading

    Uncle Muddy

  • Regular Member | Tip Vidicus

    Thanks for putting this together! Good read! ^-^

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Thanks muddy great new letter. 🙂

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Thanks U_M for the great news letter this week 🙂

  • | Tip Thytos

    Nice one UM! +1 rep for the effort 🙂

    edit: erm… I forgot there was no rep system here… but you got the idea :p

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Nice one UM! +1 rep for the effort 🙂

    edit: erm… I forgot there was no rep system here… but you got the idea 😛

    Think you can up vote the post 🙂

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    Cheers guys,

    I was just sitting there last night watching the live broadcast and the poor lad looked so done in, and it was nice to be able to have a very positive news letter given all the other stuff that’s been going on recently.

    FYI you can +1 or “Up Vote” a post using the little green arrow at the bottom of the post 🙂


  • | Tip Bushstar

    Nice one UM. That was totally unexpected. I’ll see if I can dig up some suitable images and post it to the main site 🙂

    For those who do not know Ruth has made a call for newsletter submissions on the following thread.


  • | Tip Bushstar

    I hope you do not mind but I finished the stats at the top, added one pic as Chris loves pics and made links consistent with previous newsletters. I will be moving this to the main website 🙂

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    Bush happy for it to be edited, I was just sorting out a pic of netnerds coin to add to it TBH 🙂

  • | Tip null

    +1 x This is sparta…

    UM, I tip thy hat.

  • | Tip pyxis

    Great work Uncle O0

  • | Tip Thytos

    “green arrow at the bottom” - check 🙂

    Thank you UM and Ruthie for that little info…

  • Regular Member | Tip flcph

    Nice news letter


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