Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3


  • | Tip Om3n

    As the topic says I would like to buy some FTC. Been away for a while as I’ve been planning a move from Canada to Germany with my wife and finances have not allowed a lot of time to be as in depth in the crypto market as I would like.

    I would like to buy 200 USD worth of FTC, best I can tell atm on the dollar would be worth approx 1019.27 FTC, not 100% sure how accurate but i used coinmill.com to do the conversion. I have the option of using my bank/debit visa card or paypal. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many options for North American users. No issues using an escrow service through one of the trusted members of this site as I understand the issues behind some of these transactions.

    Thanks for looking and considering selling some of your hard mined coins!

  • | Tip kris_davison

    In the UK we have Bittylicious which was a godsend for buying FTC.

    If its any easier to get BTC in the usa maybe from coinbase you could then easily pop them into an exchange such as BTC-e and convert to FTC. once you have any crypto its pretty easy to trade between them its the Dollar / Pound / Euro that is the pain in the backside lol.

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