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[ANN] 1 Year on - Feathercoin Weekly Newsletter #30

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    Feathercoin Weekly Newsletter #30

    Tuesday 29th April 2014

    1 Year On

    **Feathercoin Key Stats

    377 days since genesis block creation
    Approx. 42174600 Feathercoins created


    by @Bushstar
    We now have a year under our belt, there have been many challenges along the way but we are still here and will continue to be so for as long as there is crypto currency. When I launched I said that Feathercoin is a long term project and I hope that I have proved that point, if not then perhaps our birthday next year will help convince you.

    There is constant work going on over the last year to make sure that we are fit to be a crypto currency and we recently forked to combat multipools who manage to take the majority of any profit that there is. This is not on them but on us to make sure that all users have a fair opportunity. Our hard fork so far appears to be a success, people who choose to mine Feathercoin constantly should see around 25% more coins than they did before. This is down to a retarget solution that closely follows the hashrate. It is our own solution that retargets every block checking several averages.

    There are further challenges coming up that will see Feathercoin moving to its own hashing solution so far named NeoScrypt which Ghostlander has designed. This is a very exciting move and has been part of the plan for a while now, the first step was to fix the retarget for Feathercoin miners. The next move is to leave Scrypt behind as there is dedicated Scrypt mining hardware coming soon. It is not possible to avoid dedicated mining hardware forever and if people were purchasing ASICs for Feathercoin it would be a different story. It is expected that people are buying Scrypt ASICs for the larger Scrypt coins and multipools. This would have a negative effect on Feathercoin so we choose to move now to protect the network and its users.

    By this time next year we hope to see Feathercoin at the top of a new tier of crypto currency,.

    Birthday Celebrations

    by @Ruthie

    Saturday saw the 1st Birthday celebrations of feathercoin. A fantastic event attended by many of our members old and new, from all over the UK with the furthest reach being Newcastle. A big thank you to all of you that attended and made the celebrations a huge success.

    It was a double celebration as we also made our donation to Prostate Cancer UK on the Saturday evening, massive thanks go to Paul a representative from Prostate Cancer UK for coming along to join in with our one year birthday and receiving the cheque on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK

    What a great success the fundraiser has been, not only have we met our stretched target but we have smashed right through it. Congratulations to the community for raising 8407 feathercoins with the figure still likely to go up as the donation address is still open and we still have 3 Special Edition Cold Storage Wallets up for grabs, so please contact Uncle Muddy or myself if you wish to purchase one, all proceeds going to PCUK.

    Special thanks to:

    • UM for all the hard work he has put in over the last 4 months making sure that the charity donations kept on rolling in.
    • Paul a representative from Prostate Cancer UK for coming along to join in with our one year birthday and receiving the cheque on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.
    • The Fownes Brewery and the Crispin Alehouse for donating a barrel of the good stuff 😉
    • The Oxford Blue and staff for letting us play in their establishment yet again.
    • Everyone that donated items for the charity raffle.
    • Netnerd’s friend for donating birthday cake
    • Netnerd for his work on Special Edition Cold Storage Wallets
    • MrWyrm for making us donation address t-shirts

    [attachment=29:darkeg.jpg] [attachment=30:milling.jpg] [attachment=31:atminuse.jpg]

    Mobile Wallet Upgrade

    by @Uncle Muddy


    As a result of the hard fork we have had to upgrade the mobile wallet again, the new version is in the Play Store ready for you to download or upgrade. Once again it is highly recommended to backup your keys before you start the process, as failure to do so may result in you losing any coins that are stored in your wallet. A quick guide on how to do this and the upgrade can be found here.

    We are still looking for further enhancements to the wallet and would love to hear from any app developers that have any spare time on their hands, if your interested pop over to the development thread to get involved.

    feathercoin UK tour

    by @Uncle Muddy


    After attending many meetups in Oxford over the last few months, it has been noted that we originally said we would take feathercoin on tour. So we are! We are also going to change the meet-up weekend from the last weekend of the month to the 1st weekend of the month, hopefully this will help a few people out, as we will be closer to you guys and, we will be meeting up the weekend after pay day not the weekend before.

    The next meet-up is planned for June the 7th in **Birmingham, **I’m still working on a venue, but it is likely to be one of the city center pubs, within walking distance of the train station. So if you want to book your train tickets now to take advantage of lower prices then please do. I will keep you all updated over the coming weeks as the planning gets underway.

    If you’re interested in doing your own local meet-up and want some help, please feel free to give myself or Ruthie a shout and we will help out where we can.

    Merchant Watch

    A big thank you goes out to Entimp, for getting the merchant list published for us. From technology, to t-shits, to cleaning products it can all be purchased with your feathers. So next time you want to purchase something why not checkout the merchant list first and see if you can’t put those feathers to good use.

    If you know of anyone else who accepts feathercoin, and would like to be added to the merchant list, please drop us a message via the forum thread and we will get it added ASAP. Like wise when purchasing from merchants please mention that you got their name from the list on the site.

    You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or come on to the forum to stay up to date.

    Thank-you for your time.

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Excellent, Thanks for a great news letter everyone 🙂 Looking forward to meeting all that can make it to the next meet up in Birmingham 7th June 🙂

  • | Tip kris_davison

    Geat read thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed the meet up guys. I think Feathercoin is in a really strong position looking forward to the future. 🙂

  • | Tip ChekaZ

    Great newsletter as always! 🙂

  • | Tip null

    Please, I don’t want to be a burden, but where is this pool that’s going to help me generate more coins than I did before the hard fork. I use wemineftc and it’s just not happening. Please steer me in the right direction.

  • | Tip kris_davison

    I use give-me-coins.com this isn’t very scientific but here is my earnings.


  • | Tip null

    Brilliant read once again everyone!

    I’ve sent an excerpt of the intro to TruthnewsAustralia.com.au to hopefully arrange an interview on the podcast they run.

  • Regular Member | Tip netnerd

    Great newsletter and great night in Oxford 😃

    Can’t wait till Brum

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Yeah, Brummie should be a good one and get to meet more Feathercoiners as we go to the Midlands 🙂

  • Regular Member | Tip ketetefid

    Hello everyone and thanks to the development team. You do have some big ideas in your mind.

    I came to cryptocurrency story by bitcoin and after one month I switched to FTC. To be honest with you, the only reason that has made me mine just FTC and not sell even one of them is your active development in this coin. I just hope that you will coninue your kind efforts to advance.

  • | Tip null

    Rest assured, I don’t think we’ve seen nuthin yet… Feathercoin is just getting started!

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